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RECO would like to welcome our new General Manager of Manufacturing Shawn Cheesman

RECO would like to welcome our new General Manager of Manufacturing Shawn Cheesman. Shawn joins RECO with 35 years of industry management and operations experience.

Shawn graduated with an MBA at University of MN through the Carlson Executive MBA program as well as earning his BS in Engineering from Purdue University.  Since graduating, Shawn has had a very fulfilling career, providing many perspectives as he approaches each role.  He comes with a well-rounded background from sales to mergers, acquisitions to finance, operations, business management and more.  “Being in a manufacturing role, I understand how hard it is on the sales team when they get a call from a customer that there is a quality problem on a product. My engineering and manufacturing background help me to analyze processes and develop a strategy to improve quality and reduce waste” said Shawn.  In addition, his accounting and finance background provide him with the understanding of how the numbers work in order to implement ways to influence the financials.

Shawn is looking forward to working with the team at RECO and providing his expertise to drive improvement in the manufacturing process, bringing a fresh perspective to the organization to help tackle pain points.  “I am looking forward to working with the team here and figuring out how we can do things faster, with less waste and higher quality to meet the needs of our customers” said Shawn.

He is most passionate about sharing what he knows and assisting others to improve and succeed, providing them with the tools they need to do their job well.  Shawn is proactive in continuing to learn and grow his skills and knowledge, staying up to date on what other companies have tried to improve processes.  “I am really about process improvement.  I have worn a lot of different hats over the years and in every role I have had, I am always thinking about how I can do it better.  How to make things more accurate, take less time and eliminate the tasks that aren’t adding value” said Shawn.

Shawn grew up in Indiana, completing high school and college there.  He has been in MN for the last 28 years and has planted deep roots here and doesn’t plan to leave.  When Shawn is not working, he enjoys spending time at his cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area with his family, wife Sarah, son Mathew and their 2 yellow lab mutts Shelby and Riley that they rescued.  “My favorite time is Saturday morning in the summer when I wake up early, get a cup of coffee, a magazine and sit on the deck and listen to the loons sing.”  He also enjoys home improvement projects and woodworking.  Any excuse to use his tools or buy a new one for a project.  His most recent project was modifying the kitchen cabinets at their lake home.


To get in touch with Shawn, contact him at scheesman@rwy.com

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