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Railway Equipment Company’s (RECo) full-line of track switch heaters & accessories can be found across North America. Our focus is protecting switches from malfunctioning due to ice and snow in some of the harshest environments. By leveraging the latest technology in sensing and control with time proven heating designs, we are able to provide innovative switch heater products that meet the operational needs of the railroad in a safe and efficient manner.

RECo track switch heaters continue to evolve to ensure maximum track switch protection in the most adverse conditions. The Magnum™ track switch heater product line includes: Gas hot air blowers, electric hot air blowers, cold air blowers and electric rail switch heaters. We also provide a variety of innovative accessories and replacement parts, that when used in conjunction with most product lines, enhances features for better results in the field.

Remote monitoring and control of switch heaters via our proprietary Rail-NET™ software further increases the reliability and efficiency of your switch heaters while reducing associated operating costs.

Track Switch Heaters – Gas Hot Air Blowers

RECo gas hot air blowers are available in a variety of different models and your specific needs. All the track switch heaters that we offer are compatible with Rail-NET™ and iHab™ software increasing efficiency and functionality.[…]

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Track Switch Heaters – Electric Hot Air Blowers

RECo electric hot air blowers utilize an electric power source versus the natural or propane gas used by the Gas Hot Air Blowers. All our track switch heaters are compatible with Rail-NET™ and iHab™ software increasing efficiency and functionality.[…]

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Track Switch Cover Systems

RECo fiberglass track switch covers keep the switch clear by preventing snow and ice from accumulating on the switching rails. In addition, the use of track switch covers aids in reducing the loss of heat that is generated by switch heaters; therefor dramatically reducing energy costs. RECo fiberglass switch cover[…]

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Electric Controllers with Flat Blade or Tubular Heating Elements

RECo Electric Controllers include the Model 922 Switch Heater offered as a complete system utilizing standard control features to provide electric heating for assisting with snow melting on […]

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Remote Monitoring Hardware & Software

Railway Equipment Company keeps you online, ontrack, and on-time. Our advanced monitoring systems can integrate into your existing infrastructure and are compatible with Rail-NET™ remote monitoring software allowing convenient access to the status of equipment and data, anywhere at anytime. Trackside Assets Monitored[…]

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RECo accessories include a variety of innovative products when used in conjunction with most product lines enhances features for better results in the field.[…]

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RECo ductwork is available in different sizes and styles to use with a variety of Magnum™ products. […]

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Replacement Parts

RECo offers a wide-array of replacement parts and components.[…]

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Magnum™ Instructional Videos

We have a collection of instructional videos available to assist you in the installation, setup, operation, and troubleshooting of our Magnum™ Gas Hot Air Blower.[…]

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