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Railway Equipment Company has been manufacturing quality railroad products for over 35 years. We are proud to be a leading, single source supplier for railroad products worldwide. Safety, reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are our top priorities. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes allow us to respond quickly to unique customer challenges.  RECo’s diverse line of track heaters, battery chargers and monitors, gate arms and lamps, and remote monitoring solutions are developed and engineered to meet our customers needs today and into the future.

Track Switch Heaters & Accessories

Railway Equipment Company’s (RECo) full-line of track switch heater products can be found across North America. Our focus is protecting switches from malfunctioning due to ice and snow in some of the harshest environments. By leveraging the latest technology in sensing and control with time proven heating designs, we are able to provide innovative switch heater […]

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E Z Gate® Arms & LED Lamps

The modular design of our E Z Gate® arms and LED lamps allows convenient, proper lamp positioning with no need for cutting, striping, crimping or splicing. The telescoping arms are available in aluminum and fiberglass or all fiberglass in lengths from 8’ to […]

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Battery Chargers & Batteries

RECo’s line of Cragg Railchargers® are traditional SCR style battery chargers with or without a digital interface and communication connections, switch mode power supply battery chargers to minimize power consumption, and voltage monitors to ensure proper system operation. Additionally, they are compatible with Rail-NET™ remote monitoring software allowing convenient access to the status of equipment and […]

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Remote Monitoring Hardware & Software

Railway Equipment Company keeps you online, ontrack, and on-time. Our advanced monitoring systems can integrate into your existing infrastructure and are compatible with Rail-NET™ remote monitoring software allowing convenient access to the status of equipment and data, anywhere at anytime. Trackside Assets Monitored include[…]

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