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Since 1980, Railway Equipment Company (RECo) has been manufacturing safe and reliable products for
railroads and transit operations. We are dedicated solely to the railway business and no other.
While leading the charge in new technology, RECo continues to improve its products
in a constant effort to provide customers with the very best.


Track Switch Heaters and Accessories

Are you prepared for the challenges that go along with winter?
Do you have a maintenance plan for protecting switches from malfunctioning due to ice and snow?
Are you able to control and manage critical wayside equipment without having to do a site visit?

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Battery Chargers and Batteries

Are you looking for a battery charger that offers trouble-free service?
Would you like a product specifically designed for the harsh railroad environment?

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Crossing Gate Arms and Lamps

Are you looking for increased safety at your grade crossings?
Do you need tried-and-true equipment to help prevent accidents?
Would you like a better-engineered gate arm and lamp solution?

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Remote Monitoring Hardware & Software

Do you have assets that range from easy accessibility via wayside roads, to
having to receive track authority to access the asset via a high-rail truck?
Do you have limited resources available for maintenance, inspection, and upkeep?
Would you like a better way to keep essential assets online and operating more efficiently?

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Featured Product

Battery Cell Monitoring
RECo’s battery cell monitors collect data such as the temperature and voltage from individual battery cells or battery strings enabling customers to effectively manage[…]

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Introducing Our Newest Track Switch Heater
A simpler way for keeping switches clear in the most adverse conditions. Railway Equipment Company’s full-line of track switch heater products can be found [...]

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